Devblog #2

Wed, 09 May 2018 09:52:22 +0200

Feedback and bug reports

After the first test weekend at May, 4th, I thought about how to get better and direct feedback of you players. Many of the testers where very quiet despite the obvious problems. I can understand, that the Discord is not the best way to get bug reports. Thats the reason why I have implemented a new solution in the game.

Thats the new feedback form. Just click to enlarge the image.

Since I had all hands with the bugfixes and improvements for version 0.2, I did not want do waste all my time with this feature. I visited the Unity Asset Store and loked for a ready solution. I've found the Easy Feedback Form, that not only offers a form, but also automatically sends a screenshot and hardware information to my personal Trello board.

With just a few clicks it is now possible to send bugs and feedback directly out of the game.

New water

Less an innovation than more beautiful moments in the game. I've replace the old water asset with the DCG Lowpoly Water Shader. This new water asset has some nice features, that I want to use in the future (Buoyancy, Collision, and more). 

Code security

I want to secure not only my own code, I also want to secure the code of all my used assets. It is very easy to have a look in the Unity built DLL files and finding possible exploits. To protect the game against this problem, I decided to buy and use the Obfuscator Pro. I feel better with it. The disadvantage is, that builds now take longer. 

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