The reasons about discontinuing Tycoopoli$

Sun, 25 Feb 2018 16:33:57 +0100

After i released my browsergame Tycoopoli$ in 2014, it takes only one year where my other hobbies, my dayjob and my family takes all my free time.

But however i managed it to release more features and bugfixes. One of my other hobbies is the 3D game development and this is the main reason why Tycoopoli$ has been discontinued as browsergame. Since 2016 i'm learning the development of 3D games and i tried to develop a 3D client for Tycoopoli$. But my misssing experince stopped me from this project as a single developer.

Now in 2018, my epxrience and the tools are ready for me to develop a MMO, now announced as Tycoon$, a small massive multiplayer online economy simulation game. This goal is now realistic and i've started the work.

Currently i'm working on a prototype and thanks to the great available resources, i have buyed an MMO engine and the 3D models which i now use to build Tycoon$. And i can say: it goes ahead!

I will be very happy to invite you to the public test phases when its possible. Just follow the website or subscripbe the newsletter for more news.

<3 Thanks to all players of Tycoopoli$! Without your support the game development and operation where not possible for this long time. I will not forget the 4 years of Tycoopoli$!

-- Maikel